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Anti-Smoking Bracelet Upsell (1pc)

Anti-Smoking Bracelet Upsell (1pc)

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Eliminate the desire to smoke in 4 weeks
Improves your quality of sleep
No side effects like withdrawal and stress
A natural solution that works on the brain


Say goodbye to smoking addiction for good!

Are you still struggling to quit smoking despite your best intentions, strong willpower, and conventional methods?

Overcome these difficulties with RookVrij™ Anti-Smoking Magnetic Bracelet!

It uses magnetic therapy that stimulates your brain's neurotransmitters, enables you to release endorphins, and stops your craving for good.


"I have been smoking for years and it has been a struggle to quit. I have tried almost all methods but it only lasts me a few days.

I tried this magnetic bracelet and wasn't expecting anything. But to my surprise, my urge to smoke stopped for a week, then 3 weeks... I can't believe it! Now I am enjoying a healthy, smoke-free life for 2 years."

Liz Eikenboom


A Natural Way that Targets The Brain

Patches, nicotine candies, and electronic cigarettes are not always effective, and can even have negative consequences on your health.

RookVrij™ Bracelet features super-powerful 3,000 Gauss magnets that send signals to your brain to give it the impression of having received its usual dose of nicotine.

This method enables you to gradually get your body used to no longer needing nicotine, so you can quit smoking for good.


Manage effects of nicotine withdrawal

Quitting smoking may come with common withdrawal symptoms like mood swings and increase in appetite which can lead to weight gain.

RookVrij™ Bracelet helps you manage these effects by releasing endorphins, a natural substance that creates a feeling of well-being.

As a result, you'll be able to quit smoking without the struggle and start enjoying life healthily and smoke-free!


Experience the powerful elements of RookVrij™ Anti-Smoking Bracelet

3,000 Gauss Magnets: Improves electromagnetic and physiological balance to eliminate cravings.
Germanium: Reduces stress, combats anxiety, and promotes restful sleep
Far infrared: Relieves pain and reduces fatigue.
Energy stones 38: promotes blood circulation and regulates blood pressure 
Negative ions: Boosts immunity and relieves swelling



Woohoo, 18 days and counting! These magnetic beads are strong you can actually feel the nicotine which leads to not wanting to smoke a cigarette. 

15 days without smoking🙂 I haven't felt any desire to smoke, no cravings, no mood swings. I'm really happy with the results. I feel great.

I've been wearing these bracelets for almost 4 days now. I've cut my cigarette consumption in half, effortlessly. I don't think I could do it without this bracelet.

A very heavy smoker (20 cigarettes/day) for nearly 20 years, I thought that nothing would ever work, after many failures (patch/gum, medication), so I decided to give in to the magnetic bracelets... I haven't touched a cigarette for 2 weeks now!



Can I wear this bracelet all day and all night long?

Absolutely! RookVrij™ Anti-Smoking Magnetic Bracelet is not only designed to quit smoking but also provides benefits for your overall well-being. Its stylish and sleek design makes it a great accessory to wear throughout the day. 

How do I know if this bracelet is the right size for me?
RookVrij™ Anti-Smoking Magnetic Bracelet is designed to fit most wrist sizes. It comes with an elastic band that measures16.5 to 21.5 cm.

Is it suitable for people with sensitive skin?
Yes. RookVrij™ Anti-Smoking Magnetic Bracelet is made from high-quality natural stone beads and is hypoallergenic, making them suitable for most people with sensitive skin. 






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