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AquaShield™ Waterproof Leak Repair Spray

AquaShield™ Waterproof Leak Repair Spray

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AquaShield™ Waterproof Leak Repair Spray | Stop the leak in 3 seconds

Stop the leak in 3 seconds!
UV-resistant, all-weather solution
Saves money from repair works
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Easily seal and repair cracked surfaces in 3 seconds!

Are you looking for a quick yet effective solution to stop leaks?

Say goodbye to the relentless assault of water leaks with AquaShield™ Waterproof Leak Repair Spray -- a revolutionary waterproofing spray engineered to be your home's defense against leak invasion.

It effectively fills and seals broken guttering, pipework, drains, windows, roofs, etc. and stops water leaks in just 3 seconds.


Quick fix for long-lasting protection

This innovative sealant is easy to use, safe, odorless, and UV-resistant!

AquaShield™ provides long-lasting protection and creates a strong adhesive when sealing cracks and broken joints that have become loose due to weather and corrosion.

It will not peel, crack, or melt even when exposed to extreme weather conditions. Making it a durable solution while giving your home the instant fix it needs.


Experts Recommended water leak solution that works

"As a Licensed Contractor, AquaShield™ offers a unique blend of qualities that make it a top choice. Its advanced formulation not only seals existing leaks but also actively repairs them.

This two-pronged approach ensures that you not only stop the immediate threat of water damage but also address the root causes. This is crucial for preventing future issues and maintaining the structural integrity of your home."

- Engr. Ludvig Sjöberg, Infranord AB


Protection that can last for 20 years with just 3 second-spray

The spray creates a completely waterproof and corrosion-resistant surface, that remains durable, flexible, and pliable for years.

AquaShield™ is made out of silicone sealant, which is resistant to UV rays and, once dried can last for 20 years.

Just spray and it instantly creates a long-lasting water-resistant, and protective layer making it resistant to future damage.


Don't let water worries disrupt your peace of mind!

Trust AquaShield™ Waterproof Leak Repair Spray to keep your home dry, secure, and resilient against the elements.



Had a flood in my basement and realized it came from the window. I was so happy to see that this actually worked. It saved me lots of money! - Liam Borgstrom

"I am skeptical about these "magical products" but this spray is amazing! My chimney has been flaking for years but not anymore. This spray has formed a barrier, that prevents any more flaking." - Adam L

"The spray did a great job of coating my cracked concrete driveway. It was the same as described, the self-leveling formula smoothly covers small gaps and cracks ensuring a watertight seal once it was applied. It didn’t have much odor after drying." - Anders A

"Worked like a charm! My garden fountain got some cracks on it but they were all fixed and sealed with just a few sprays. Highly recommended!" - Agnes T



Is it applicable to any kind of surface?

Yes, AquaShield™ Waterproof Leak Repair Spray is applicable to be used to any kind of surface-- porous, non-porous; painted, non-painted; wet, or dry.

How long should I wait for the sealant to dry?

AquaShield™ Waterproof Leak Repair Spray is already effective once sprayed. But curing time takes 24 hours. Once cured you can already paint, smoothen the area, etc.

How big is the can?

AquaShield™ Waterproof Leak Repair Spray comes in a 450ml spray can that can cover around 30 square feet depending on usage.
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