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EasyBake™ One-Press Christmas Pie Maker

EasyBake™ One-Press Christmas Pie Maker

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EasyBake™ One-Press Christmas Pie Maker | Holiday pies in one press!

Christmas pies with one press!
Avoid holiday rush
Save on store-bought treats
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Easily bake Christmas pies with just one press

Are feeling overwhelmed by all the parties, gatherings, and budgeting that come with the Christmas season?

Say goodbye to Christmas rush with EasyBake™ One-Press Christmas Pie Maker!

It's a revolutionary pie maker that allows you to instantly turn your regular baked pies into delectable Christmas treats with the perfect blend of creatively fun and festive spirit.


Enjoy the holiday feasts with Christmas Pie Molds
EasyBake™ is the ultimate go-to pocket pie baking mold featuring a fun, Christmassy theme that comes in the shape of a Christmas tree, mitten, and snowflake.

It allows you to create your favorite savory or sweet filling pie treat in a cinch with a delightful blend of whimsiness and festive spirit.

It makes your standard baked dessert extra deliciously looking and creatively molded would surely amaze and entice anyone.


Moms-approved Quick and Easy Molding

EasyBake™ is designed with a sharp, non-harming patterned bottom that cuts and molds smoothly onto your flattened dough with great ease.

The molded pattern also helps in providing steam to escape during baking for a more evenly cooked delish finish.

Additionally, each mold features a hinged style so you can also securely seal your filled-in pie effortlessly in no time.


Cut-Fill-Press in batches with excellent comfort

EasyBake™ comes with a non-slip, ergonomic design for maximum gripping and control at all times.

It can also be used to bake big batches of biscuits, sugar cookies, pie crusts, fudges, sandwiches, cheese, flat doughs, pastries, and so much more.

With premium, non-toxic materials, these pie molds promise to withstand years of daily molding and washes without damaging or rusting.


Experience baking in as easy as 1-2-3!

Get this EasyBake™ One-Press Christmas Pie Maker and enjoy the season with ease and creativity!



How to use EasyBake™ Pie Molds?

Simply use the patterned bottom to mold and cut the dough in shape, then put the cut dough on each side of the mold. Place your fillings, and close the mold to seal the pie.

Is it safe to use for food?

Yes, EasyBake™ Pie Molds are made of high-quality, food-grade thickened, 100% BPA-free ABS plastic materials with amazing durability and rust-resistant capabilities.

Is it easy to clean?

Yes, EasyBake™ Pie Molds do not retain odors and colors and they can be cleaned easily with hand washing or a dishwasher.



This is so easy to use. I baked sugar cookies for Christmas giveaways and was done making 100 pcs in just 2 hours. Love this! - Annika Nilsson

"I was skeptical that these molds could help me make a Christmas dessert table but they did! These made the cutest Christmas pies, and so much easier to serve than sliced pies. Everyone loved them so much!" - Ellen F

"I overfilled mine a bit. I didn’t wet the seams. So this is how they turned out. Pretty good in spite of my errors. But overall, I love this set for making these Christmas treats with my kids as they get so excited when we pull these out to do pies or pizza pockets with." - Mia V.

"These make hand pies so easy! Well made and makes making hand pies a breeze. And they’re cute and very Christmassy!" - Jen D
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