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GlamChic™ | Winter Fleeced Pantyhose

GlamChic™ | Winter Fleeced Pantyhose

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GlamChic™ Winter Pantyhose | Sexy sheer even when it's cold!

Be sexy and stylish this winter

Breathable and waterproof

Slimming and Shaping effect

No satisfied, Money back!


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Get a sexy sheer look while staying warm

Are you frustrated with looking bulky and unflattering only to stay warm during the winter? 

Don't compromise your sense of style and confidence with GlamChic™ Winter Fleeced Pantyhose!

This winter leggings are lined with skin-colored fleece, giving you a sheer sexy look while making you warm and comfortable even when snowing.


Enjoy an instant slimming effect

GlamChic™ Pantyhose is made with stretchy material that is suitable for most sizes and body shapes. It offers a comfortable compression that is:

✔ Slimming

✔ Shaping

✔ Supportive


Transform winter clothes into a sexy outfit

Go for that transparent, elegant look with all your favorite skirts & dresses.

GlamChic™ fleece-lined tights are not only comfortable but also have the look of luxurious transparent leggings.

Designed with a high waist that fits snuggly, they match perfectly with shorts, jackets, sweaters, cardigans & hoodies.


Move freely and confidently!

Sit, dance, walk, run-- GlamChic™ fleeced pantyhose allows you to move freely and wear what you love, no matter the season or what you're doing!

It is not only flexible but also made with durable material so you can enjoy your winter activities without worrying about cracks or holes.

It gives you the freedom to move so you can go about your day relaxed, confident, and comfortable.


Don't compromise on warmth, comfort, or style this winter!

Get these GlamChic™ Winter Fleeced Pantyhose and embrace the cold days with sexy sheer and impeccable style!


I'm glad I got these pants! It's really keeping me warm and comfortable without spending so much on winter clothes! - Agnes Eikenboom

"I am skeptical about the quality but these are 5 stars for me! The fleece lining is really thick and a great insulation from super cold wind. And they look sexy! And it has a classic style that can be used over and over again." - Elsa M

"These have become my go-to pants this winter. I am impressed with their quality and the fact that they are very durable. The fleece lining is so soft and warm, it's really so comfortable to wear. And it looks high-quality" - Ingrid F

"I am in love with these transparent leggings! They are so easy to combine with any top, any color. And it comes in a stretch fit so it's so comfortable to move around. The fleece lining is thick but not bulky. A classic must-have!" - Emily G 



Why is there only one size?

GlamChic™ Winter Fleeced Pantyhose is designed with all customers in mind. Thanks to the extreme stretch of our special fabric, our one-size-fits-all should fit most.

How warm are they?

GlamChic™ Winter Fleeced Pantyhose keeps you warm enough to wear your favorite skirts in cold weather down to -15°C!

Do they shrink during the wash and dryer?
No, do not worry! GlamChic™ is made from our special ProForm fabric that can withstand heat and drying cycles!


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