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InkMagic™ Children Handwriting Practice Book

InkMagic™ Children Handwriting Practice Book

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InkMagic™ Children Handwriting Practice Book | Master handwriting in 7 days!

Learn handwriting in 7 days
Enhances fine motor skills
Magic disappearing ink
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Easily learn proper handwriting in just 7 days!

Are you looking for a fun way to nurture your child's passion for neat and legible handwriting?

Introducing InkMagic™ Children Handwriting Practice Book– the perfect companion on your child's journey towards impressive penmanship.

This enchanting book is thoughtfully crafted to make the art of writing an engaging and joyful experience for your little one.


Experts-recommended calligraphy book for children

InkMagic™ Handwriting Book aligns with research-based best practices to ensure optimal learning and skill development.

Its carefully crafted exercises have been designed to improve fine motor skills, reinforce letter formation, and encourage a love for the art of writing.

Your child does not only learn handwriting but it gives them the opportunity to fast-track their Math and Alphabet skills and get them ahead of the pack.


Teach crucial skills with endless hours of magic

InkMagic™ Book comes with a Magic Pen that your child will adore-- the ink disappears in 10 minutes!

This not only keeps your child engaged and excited to write but also makes this book a blank canvas for endless practice.

It's an eco-friendly, sustainable, and economical way to learn how to write without spending a lot on ink and paper.


Enhance motor skills and overall learning capabilities

Each stroke enhances fine motor skills that develop the dexterity required for precise and beautiful penmanship.

Honing their handwriting skills contributes to improved cognitive functions, boosting their overall learning capabilities.

It also helps them expand their cognitive abilities, setting them on a path to excel in all aspects of their education.


Set your child on a magical and fun adventure, and watch their handwriting skills skyrocket with InkMagic™ Children Handwriting Practice Book

Each book comes with:

1x Pen
6x Ink Refills
1x Pen Grip Trainer


Is this product suitable for children of all ages and handwriting levels?
Yes, the InkMagic™ Book is designed for children of various ages and handwriting proficiency levels -- whether your child is just starting to learn to write or looking to refine their handwriting skills.

How does the disappearing ink work, and is it safe for kids?
The Magic Pen is entirely safe for children. It's a special, non-toxic ink that vanishes within approximately ten minutes after writing, leaving no marks or residue.

Is InkMagic™ Book endorsed by educational experts?
Yes, InkMagic™ is endorsed by educational experts who recognize its effectiveness in promoting fine motor skills, reinforcing letter formation, and encouraging a love for handwriting.


I love these books! This helps so much with preschool writing. It aids with understanding the placement and size of letters. And my son enjoys it! - Emma Hoffmann

"I am skeptical that my child will learn using this but this has improved my daughter's handwriting, math, and motor skills beyond other kids at the same age. I do not make her sit down and write, he loves to do it by herself." - Tif H

"I homeschool and I've tried so many books and programs. I got easy peasy handwriting because I loved how it was color-coded and the lines. After teaching A and B, my son wrote them beautifully on a chalkboard." - Uma D

"Perfect repetition to improve handwriting and math. This is the best way to master a new skill. My child gets so excited when he finishes one row. And the math book is amazing!" - Eve W

Alphabet, Mathematics, Alphabet + Mathematics
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