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LeatherFix™ Leather Repair Patch

LeatherFix™ Leather Repair Patch

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LeatherFix™ Leather Repair Patch | Brand new furniture in 30 secs!

Restore your furniture in 30 seconds!
Seamless and self-adhesive
Save on buying new furniture
No results, money back!
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Repair and restore your furniture in 30 seconds!

Are your favorite leather items showing signs of wear and tear, leaving you in despair?

Say hello to our revolutionary LeatherFix™ Leather Repair Self-Adhesive Patch – the ultimate solution to all your leather restoration needs.

Crafted from high-quality PU leather it covers scratches, cracks, and tears in as fast as 30 seconds without ironing or heating.


Easily customize your patch to meet your restoration needs

LeatherFix™ Patch is customizable to match the unique shape and size of your damaged leather.

Cut out patches in different shapes to perfectly fit your furniture, motorcycle, wallet, jacket, or bags.

This flexibility ensures that your beloved items will be flawlessly restored, preserving their original charm.


Experts-Recommended leather repair solution that works

"I have been renovating homes for more than a decade and this patch is what I use and recommend for a lot of homeowners that are on a budget.

No need for a toolbox or professional help – this patch is very easy and simple to use. All you have to do is peel off the adhesive tape backing and stick it directly onto the damaged area. It's a DIY solution that delivers professional results, saving you time and money." - Ingrid Nilsson, Interior Designer

Easy stick-on solution that lasts for years

LeatherFix™ Patch boasts a superior, water-resistant material that not only revives your leather but also ensures that the rejuvenation endures, even in the face of everyday wear and occasional spills.

With its incredibly strong adhesive force, no need to worry about your patch falling off. It will stay firmly in place, ensuring a lasting, reliable repair that will last for years.


Don't let the wear and tear of time diminish the beauty of your leather possessions.

Get this LeatherFix™ Leather Repair Self-Adhesive Patch and reclaim your leather's original splendor and keep it in your life for years to come!



I was devastated when my kids accidentally tore our expensive leather couch. Thanks to this patch, I was able to salvage it. It blends seamlessly with the original leather, and you can hardly notice the repair. - Elsa Berg

"I was skeptical about this product but I'm glad I tried it! It worked like magic on my motorbike. It not only concealed the cracks but also added a layer of reinforcement. It looks stunning!" Eric F

"I'm thankful to found this online. I was about to buy a new set of dining chairs but these patches salvaged them. It was so easy to use and they look great! I was able to save a lot of money. Highly recommended!" - Len A

"My cat loves to scratch my armchair and it was awful to look at. But after applying this patch to cover up the claw marks, it's back to looking new again. And it's so seamless that the patch is hardly noticeable. It looks fantastic!" Jes W

Is the LeatherFix™ Patch suitable for all types of leather?
Yes, LeatherFix™ is designed to work effectively on a wide range of leather types, including genuine leather, PU leather, synthetic leather, and more.

Can I remove the patch without damaging the leather if I change my mind?
Yes, LeatherFix™ Patch is designed to be removable without causing damage to your leather. Simply peel it off carefully, and it won't leave any residue or harm your leather surface.

Are there specific tools required for applying the patch?
No specialized tools are needed. All you need to do is peel off the backing, stick it directly onto the damaged area, and smooth it out.


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