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NasalEase™ Electric Nasal Aspirator

NasalEase™ Electric Nasal Aspirator

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NasalEase™ Electric Nasal Aspirator | Breathe easily in 5 seconds!

Breathe easily in 5 secs
Removes mucus effectively
No more sleepless nights!
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Let your baby breathe easily in just 5 seconds!

Are you struggling with sleepless nights and restless days due to your baby's nasal congestion?

NasalEase™ Electric Nasal Aspirator for Babies is a powerful and efficient device designed to provide relief for babies with nasal congestion.

With adjustable suction levels and safe, hygienic materials, it's an effective solution for nasal congestion, providing swift relief for both parents and babies.


Experts Recommended nasal aspirators that work

With its backflow prevention technology, it is recommended by leading pediatricians as an effective and hygienic solution for nasal congestion.

It ensures that mucus and germs are effectively captured and disposed of, preventing any risk of contamination.

The detachable and washable components prevent bacterial growth, guaranteeing a clean and safe solution for your baby's congestion needs.


Say goodbye from the discomfort of traditional aspirators!

Crafted from soft silicone material, NasalEase™ guarantees a gentle and non-irritating experience.

gentle and non-irritating

It comes with adjustable suction levels, providing a customizable experience based on your baby's congestion and comfort level.

Tweak the settings to suit your baby's needs, ensuring a soothing and tailored congestion relief process.


Removes nasal congestion without interrupting sleep

No more disruptive noise during your baby's rest or sleep.

NasalEase™ Nasal Aspirator is designed for whisper-quiet operation, allowing you to provide congestion relief without disturbing your baby's peaceful moments.

Let your baby breathe easy in a serene and quiet environment, promoting better rest and uninterrupted sleep.


Takes congestion relief to a whole new level!

Get this NasalEase™ Electric Nasal Aspirator for Babies and effectively clear your baby's nasal passages with ease.


How do I adjust the suction level?
To adjust the suction level, simply use the control buttons provided on the device. With 6 levels of suction available, you to customize it according to your baby's needs.

How long does one full charge last?

NasalEase™ comes with a built-in 500mAh battery, providing approximately a week's worth of usage on a full charge. Charging the device takes about 2 hours.

Can I use NasalEase™ while charging?

No, for safety reasons, it is recommended to charge the device fully before using it. Once fully charged, you can enjoy cordless operation for a convenient and hassle-free experience.



It has the absolute perfect suction in my opinion for a baby. Used it on my newborn baby (2 weeks old). It gave her relief right away. - Agnes Bergstrom

"I am skeptical about this but this aspirator is heaven-sent! I am using this for the first time with my 2-year-old. It is much easier to use than any manual snot sucker. No more struggles with cleaning and removing my child's nasal congestion!" - Ingrid V

"We use this product almost every day on our thirteen week old and it works really well. Some days she tolerates it and other days she flails about and it still works. The product comes with different size nozzles and fits in tiny noses." - Freja R

"This is a parent must-have! I used to use a bulb syringe before and I could never clean it and it has nowhere near the suction power of this tool!" - Elsa M

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