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SlimFit™ Ion Slimming Shapewear Shorts

SlimFit™ Ion Slimming Shapewear Shorts

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limFit™ Ion Slimming Shapewear Shorts | Lose weight in 7 days!

Lose weight in 7 days!

Burn 10x more calories

No liposuction, no diet pills

No results? Money back!

“Infusing far infrared to everyday shapewear is nothing short of revolutionary and brilliant. It helps you lose weight even when your body is at rest. I use them myself!” - Dr. Olivia Lindgren, OB-GYNE

Easily burn calories and lose weight in just 7 days!

I just gave birth and losing weight after pregnancy was HARD. There was nothing much I could do while recovering and taking care of my baby. Finding a product that could help me lose weight without any effort at all was wishful thinking.

But that's exactly what SlimFit Shapewear granted me! I have lost 23 kilos of weight in just 3 weeks of wearing it every day. It's unbelievable but it worked for me. No invasive surgery, no harmful pills!

-Klara Persson, 32


Say hello to a slimmer, healthier you!

 Recommended by many doctors for a safe and quick postpartum recovery 

Are you tired of spending hours in the gym starving yourself and not getting any results? End your frustrations here!

Get the perfect body shape you want without much effort with SlimFit™ Ion Slimming Shapewear Shorts!

It is designed with far-infrared technology that naturally burns fat and helps you lose weight while giving you an instant slimmer, va-va-voom shape!


Experience the weight benefit of far-infrared technology

Far-infrared is a gentle, safe, and invisible wave of energy that penetrates the surface of the skin to gently elevate the body’s temperature and promote faster calorie burn.

SlimFit™ is designed with FIR Technology that offers a comprehensive massage and stimulation experience that effectively promotes blood and lymphatic circulation and enhances the body's ability to burn fat naturally.


Experts recommended weight loss method that works

"The FIR technology used in shapewears doesn’t make fat leave your body; what it does is actually break the fat down into fatty acids that turns into energy. And all this activity burns calories.

So while it may seem as if you are doing nothing while wearing a shapewear with FIR technology, your organs are actually working hard and using stored fat as the energy to burn even when your body is at rest."

Dr. Olivia Lindgren, OB-GYNE, St. Luke's Medical Center, NL


Burn 10x more calories with a safe, natural, and sustainable approach

Say goodbye to risky liposuction and harmful diet pills! SlimFit™ Shapewear naturally enhances your body's fat-burning abilities and provides many other health benefits.

lose weight naturally
burn calories
promote detoxification
reduce cellulite
improve posture
support core muscles


Feel more confident to wear any clothes that you fancy!

With SlimFit™ Ions Shapewear Shorts, you get an instant slimmer figure while they work skin-deep to provide you with long-lasting health and slimming benefits.



"I am skeptical about those "magical products" in the market but these shaper shorts are truly magical! I have tried many weight loss products but these shorts are the most effective in burning the stubborn fat around my belly area." - Alma H

"These slimming shorts are amazing! I've always struggled with fat, especially belly and hip fat. But since I started using SlimFit Shorts, I've noticed a big improvement-- my hips are smaller and my belly is firmer. It's comfortable and flattering, and you can barely feel it when you're wearing it." - Ellen D

"Since I started using these ion-shaping shorts, my belly fat has disappeared, and the excess water retention is gone! I've already noticed a big difference after 1 week and it's now been 2 months and I'm leaner, sexier, and can exercise faster without getting tired quickly." - Olivia J



Is it comfortable to wear?

Yes. SlimFit™ Shapewear Shorts are made with soft, comfortable, and breathable materials that wick away moisture, making you feel dry and fresh all day.

Can I wear SlimFit™ Shapewear Shorts as underpants?

Yes. These shorts come with a streamlined design that you can wear regularly as underpants. It lifts your butt and hides unwanted bulges, giving you a smooth shape in any outfit you wear.

Do you have a size that can fit me?

SlimFit™ Shapewear Shorts come in a stretchable fabric that fits most sizes. We have sizes ranging from M to XXL.

M - (40-60 kg)
L - (60-75 kg)
XL - (75-80 kg)
2XL - (80-100 kg)

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