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SprayGuard™ Portable Self-Defense Spray

SprayGuard™ Portable Self-Defense Spray

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SprayGuard™ Portable Self-Defense Spray | Keep yourself safe in one spray!

Safety is non-negotiable- don't let your guard down!

Keep yourself safe in one spray!
Formulated with Maximum strength
Discreet and easy to use
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Feel confident and keep yourself safe in one spray

Do you feel vulnerable when walking alone at night or feel unsafe in uncertain situations?

Take charge of your personal safety with SprayGuard™ Portable Self-Defense Spray! Compact yet powerful, it's designed to empower you with confidence in the face of uncertainty.

With just a press of a button, you'll release a potent stream of protection that'll make any assailant think twice.


Incapacitate your assailant safely and easily

SprayGuard™ is a non-lethal weapon made with a high concentration of capsaicin.

When sprayed into an attacker's face it will cause temporary blindness, coughing, and suffocation, giving you enough time to escape and seek help.

It is engineered for precision, ensuring you hit your target with confidence and allowing you to maintain control and accuracy even in high-stress situations.


Empower yourself with a sense of security and peace of mind

Unlike other self-defense tools, SprayGuard™ is effective against multiple attackers as it can be sprayed in a wide arc, affecting multiple people at once.

With one spray at your fingertips, you'll blanket your assailants in a potent mist, rendering them temporarily blinded and disoriented.

It provides you with a sense of security and empowerment, ensuring your peace of mind in any situation.


Experts most used and recommended self-defense tool

Whether you're a student, a professional, or someone simply looking for added peace of mind, this product is your equalizer.

Despite its small size, this spray holds up to 25 shots and has a decent range of 10 feet to keep you away from approaching attackers.

Police and military worldwide trust SprayGuard™ to be safe, and non-toxic yet boasts a maximum-strength formula that will incapacitate any threat.


In this increasingly unpredictable world, never caught off guard!

Get this SprayGuard™ Portable Self-Defense Spray and take charge of your own safety with confidence and peace of mind.



"I was skeptical at first but this spray is a lifesaver! Recently, I had to walk through a dimly lit park after work, and I felt uneasy. I discreetly carried my pepper spray, and when a stranger approached me, I aimed at him. He ran fearfully." - Sarah H

"I sometimes have late-night classes and long walks back to my dorm. This pepper spray always gives me peace of mind. I've never felt safer, knowing I have a means of self-defense. It's easy to use and provides an extra layer of protection." - Jessica M

"I'm an avid runner and I often run at night. Recently, it helped me deter an aggressive man, and I continued my run without any fear. This pen is a true companion for my late-night jogging." - Daniel P



What is the effect of SprayGuard™ on the attacker?

When sprayed with maximum-strength capsaicin, the individual may experience intense discomfort, including burning sensations, tearing, and difficulty breathing.

Does it cause permanent damage to the attacker?

No, SprayGuard™ causes temporary blindness, suffocation, and disorientation. Full recovery takes about 15 minutes and leaves no permanent consequences.

How long does one canister last?

One canister of SprayGuard™ holds up to 25 sprays and has a decent range of 10 feet to keep you away from approaching attackers.

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