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TailTrac™ Pet Tracker

TailTrac™ Pet Tracker

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TailTrac™ Pet Tracker | Know that your pet is safe, all the time!

Say goodbye to constant worrying!

Know your pet's location, 24/7

Keep your pet safe and within reach

Enjoy peace of mind, anywhere

Not satisfied? Money back!


Ensure your pet's safety by tracking their whereabouts

Have you experienced feeling distressed, anxious, and fearful when you cannot find your pet? And overwhelmed with the agonizing uncertainty of not knowing their whereabouts or condition?

Don't let that happen again with TailTrac™ Pet Tracker!

With precise location tracking, you can rest easy knowing your pet is within reach, giving you peace of mind wherever you are.


Turn every day into an adventurous and fun activity

Imagine taking your adventurous pup to the neighborhood or your curious cat on a secret mission without any fear or worry that they will get lost.

TailTrac™ provides invaluable insights into your pet's location, letting you stay ahead of potential danger by monitoring their activity.

With comprehensive GPS monitoring, you can give pets the proactive care they need to have an active, healthy, and happy life.


No. 1 Trusted by experts and pet parents

TailTrac™ is used and recommended by veterinarians and the Dog Welfare Society as a safe and effective tool to keep your pets from being astray. 

It features Virtual Fencing that allows you to define safe zones for your pet and receive instant alerts if your pet strays beyond these predefined areas.

It ensures your pet stays close to home and within the boundaries of safety and gives you the power to act swiftly and keep them out of harm's way.


Treat your pet with a stylish and comfortable anti-lost accessory

TailTrac™ is crafted with a reflective, lightweight, and adjustable collar making movements more free and suitable for pets of all sizes and breeds.

Thanks to its waterproof feature, this device is safe for any weather or when your pets are exposed to wet conditions, like taking a bath.

Whether your pet is a playful pup or a frisky feline, TailTrac™ is safe from accidental impacts or falls, with its shockproof feature, ensuring its longevity and functionality.


Don't let uncertainties hold you back from enjoying outdoor activities with your pets!

Get this TailTrac™ Pet Tracker and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your furry friend is safe, secure, and well-protected.



"We got this adorable dog who loves to run and explore, since we live near the mountains we wanted him to enjoy lots of hikes. So we purchased this tracker and it’s the best accessory we’ve ever purchased for our dog. Now we’d never be without it." 

"Having the GPS tracking devices for all 3 of my cats has been a true stress reliever since all 3 are "escape artists". It’s been brilliant! It's easy to use and gives us peace of mind. The app and additional functions are also good!"

"We’ve only had our tracker for a few weeks but the peace of mind it gives us to have our learning cat is priceless. Very accurate GPS system and definitely worth the price to know our girl is safe."



How do I set up and use the TailTrac™ Pet Tracker?

Simply attach the lightweight and waterproof collar to your pet, ensuring a snug fit. Download our user-friendly app, follow the straightforward instructions for pairing the device, and you'll start receiving real-time location through your phone.

Is TailTrac™ safe for my pet to wear continuously?

Absolutely. TailTrac™ is designed with your pet's comfort and safety in mind. The lightweight and pet-friendly material ensures comfortable wear throughout the day.

Is TailTrac™ suitable for all pet sizes and breeds?

Yes, TailTrac™ is designed to accommodate pets of all sizes and breeds. It comes with an adjustable collar with a length from 22 to 35 cm ensuring a secure fit for small cats to large dogs. 




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