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ToughTrek™ Indestructible SmartWatch

ToughTrek™ Indestructible SmartWatch

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ToughTrek™ Indestructible SmartWatch | The toughest watch in the market!

Durable and indestructible
24-hour health monitoring
Call, SMS, and play music!
Not satisfied, money back!


The toughest smartwatch on the market today!

Scratch it, drop it, dip it in water. Cover it with dust and mud. It doesn't matter!

ToughTrek™ Indestructible Smartwatch is the toughest smartwatch ever! This watch is a military-grade and waterproof smartwatch that is extremely resistant to damage.

Combining strength, function, and convenience, this indestructible smartwatch is made with hard work in mind.


Explore the world without any limits

ToughTrek™ is engineered to battle extreme temperatures and harsh environments like rain, flood, and snow so you can explore without limits. It is tested and proven:

✔ shatter-proof
✔ scratch-proof
✔ water-proof
✔ chemical-proof

From scorching deserts to freezing peaks, its tough design ensures you stay connected and informed on your journeys, no matter where they take you.


Easily monitor your health on your wrist

ToughTrek™ Smartwatch is a 24-hour, real-time health monitoring device. It can easily track your heart rate, blood pressure, sleep quality, and blood oxygen saturation with accuracy.

It also comes with different sports modes such as running, walking, cycling, etc., which can measure steps, distance, calories burned, and active minutes.

It's a must-have for health enthusiasts, athletes, or anyone else who needs a robust watch when exercising.


Never miss an important call again!

Wherever you are, ToughTrek™ Watch allows you to stay connected and up-to-date. With a Bluetooth connection, it can receive phone notifications, and text messages, answer calls, and even play music!

It is equipped with a 380mAh Li battery, which provides up to 30 days of battery life on standby and up to 10 days, in normal use so you have no more reasons to miss an important call again!


Equipped yourself with ToughTrek™ Indestructible Smartwatch and enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle with ease, functionality, and convenience!



This watch has a very good battery life and works incredibly. It's packed with tons of useful features but it is extremely durable. - Lennart Nilsson

"I am skeptical about this but this watch is awesome. It is definitely comparable to an apple watch at a fraction of the price. I am always outdoors and have dropped, bumped, scratched this watch many times, and still works." - Hugo A

"I love the apps and how easy it is to use. I get my sms and calls right on the watch which is convenient and cool. And it looked very expensive! Durable and good quality. I highly recommend this smartwatch". - Gab S

"I was also impressed with the health apps that came with it. I have medical issues and need the features to help keep an eye on my health. It gives you a good baseline for where you're health lies." - Dan F



Do I still need to bring my phone to see messages on my watch?

Yes. Your phone and ToughTrek™ Smartwatch need to be kept within 10 meters of the distance to maintain the always-connected state.

Can I take a bath with ToughTrek™ Smartwatch?

Yes, it comes with an IP68 waterproof grade that is safe to get wet in the rain, shower, sweat, and even submerged in water.

How long is the charging time?

It takes around 1 hour to charge the battery. One full charge lasts about 7-10 days of regular use.

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