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FunFort™ Magic Fort Building Kit

FunFort™ Magic Fort Building Kit

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FunFort™ Magic Fort Building Kit | Keep your child entertained for hours!

No-screen fun for hours
Enhances cognitive skills
Safe and durable DIY fort
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Let their imagination run wild for hours!

Are you looking for fun and safe activities that will keep your children off the screen? Entertain them for hours with FunFort™ Magic Fort Building Kit!

FunFort™ lets you embark on a DIY adventure, building anything from caves and tunnels to forts, rockets, tents, and houses.

This one-of-a-kind building kit offers endless possibilities for family fun, making it the perfect addition to your playtime activities.


Achieve screen-free captivation effortlessly!

FunFort™ is an innovative fort-building and construction toy that enables children to build 3D, kid-created, "life-size" worlds for inventive play!

It encourages children to work hard to plan and solve problems, build different innovative structures, and transform dreams into even greater realities.

The perfect toy for children 2-3 years old and above to keep them entertained and off the screen all day!


Experts-recommended STEM toy for children

Physicians around the world recommend our FunFort™ Building Kit as a proven way to increase various positive cognitive behaviors that boost creative thinking and sensory responses.

It provides a great creative outlet for children to learn while playing. It improves hand-eye coordination and strengthens small muscles as they discover how to put together the ball connectors and sticks.


Dream Big, Build Big with safe and durable materials

Unlock unlimited imagination and transform towering aspirations into tangible achievements with FunFort™ Building Kit!

It is made of sturdy high-quality plastic materials that are safe, BPA-free, non-toxic, and odor-free.

Simply insert the rod into the ball, connect it with other rods and balls, and continue until you assemble and construct anything that you please!


Provide your children with hours of entertainment while enhancing their cognitive, sensory, and hand-motor skills!

FunFort™ Magic Fort Building Kit includes:

21x balls
45x sticks
1x manual



I needed a solution to the super dangerous furniture forts my kids love to build. This is the solution! Safe fun for hours! I'm glad I found this! - Emily Berg

"I was skeptical about its durability but these are amazing! It's strong enough to hold our blanket. My son love these and he enjoys connecting the rods!" - John T

"We have absolutely loved building forts. My daughter love being able to choose from the different styles to build. It is easy to assemble and has a bag for easy carry/storage. The quality is great and highly recommended." - Mel W

"My daughter loved using our chairs as her "home" but was worried about her safety. Good thing I found this! She enjoys constructing it!" - Amy F



How big can 1 kit build?

FunFort™ Kit can easily fit 1-2 children. One stick measures 31cm and one ball is 3.5cm. Order more to fit the entire family! (More discounts are offered for bundles)

Is it strong enough to hold a blanket on top?
Yes! FunFort™ Building Kit is known for its sturdiness compared to competitors. We recommend using a light blanket or sheets though.

Is this suitable for all ages?
Yes, FunFort™ Building Kit is suitable for ages 3 and above for unsupervised use. All ages including mom and dad will surely enjoy too!

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