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GripSafe™ Handle Support Bar

GripSafe™ Handle Support Bar

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GripSafe™ Handle Support Bar | Safe hold anytime, anywhere!

Safe hold anytime, anywhere!
Super strong vacuum hold
Prevents accidents
Not satisfied, money back!
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Get a safe and secure hold anytime!

Are you tired of worrying about your balance in the shower, bathtub, or toilet? Look no further! GripSafe™ Handle Support Bar is here to provide you with instant safety assurance.

It is designed with a strong suction ability that effortlessly grips any smooth and flat surface in seconds, allowing you to regain your confidence and safety anywhere you are!


Prevent bathroom accidents in one easy step

Failing in the bathroom can result in painful injuries that may have long-lasting consequences.

GripSafe™ reduces the risk of such incidents with its cutting-edge vacuum absorption technology that ensures a firm and secure grip that won't budge.

With one lock, it provides the stability you need while bathing, showering, or using the toilet.


Ensure peace of mind anywhere you are

GripSafe™ features convenient flip-up locking tabs that can easily assist and add safety wherever you need it.

This feature ensures that the handle can adjust, relocate, and adapt to your evolving needs and precisely to your liking without damaging your walls.

Whether you're lifting, opening doors, or tackling any task, this safe handle is versatile and easy to carry wherever you go.


100% safety without compromising on style

GripSafe™ Handle boasts a compact and stylish design that seamlessly blends with almost any interior decor.

The gentle contoured grip ensures that you have a reliable handhold that won't strain your hand.

It's the perfect balance between safety and comfort while complementing your surroundings and keeping you safe.


Don't wait until an accident happens!

Get this GripSafe™ Handle Support Bar and provide peace of mind and a safer environment for yourself or your loved ones.



I love this support bar! My dad doesn't want to be accompanied to the bathroom so we install a lot of this for him. And now we have peace of mind! - Emma Dietrich

"I am skeptical about the suction hold of these handles but this is amazing! I use this to help me get up the toilet and I am surprised that it can carry my weight."

"I purchased this handlebar for my mother so she can go to the toilet and take her showers without assistance. This was a relief for all of us. I'm glad to find this!"

"After my knee surgery, I was concerned about my balance in the bathroom. It's easy to install and uninstall! It exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend this!"



How to install GripSafe™ Handle Support Bar?

Make sure the area you want to install is very clean and dry for the best stable and suction result. Press lightly and lock it to its position. Check the handles before using them.

What surfaces can the Handle Support Bar be installed on?
GripSafe™ is designed to be installed on smooth and flat surfaces. This includes bathroom tiles, glass, and similar materials.

Can I easily relocate the Handle Support Bar if needed?
Yes, GripSafe™ is designed for flexible placement. Simply unlock the specially designed locks, and you can move the support bar to another position.
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