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MagicClean™ Powerful Cleaning Powder

MagicClean™ Powerful Cleaning Powder

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MagicClean™ Powerful Cleaning Powder | Stain-free kitchen in seconds!

Stain-free kitchen in seconds!
Easy, quick and effortless
All-around cleaning solution
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Easily remove kitchen stains in seconds!

Is your kitchen feeling like a battleground against stubborn stains and greasy grime?

Say goodbye to the relentless struggle of cleaning with MagicClean™ Powerful Cleaning Powder!

It's a revolutionary all-purpose cleaning powder formulated to remove the toughest messes in seconds, making cleaning a breeze. No more scrubbing for hours, no more frustration!


Enjoy living in a clean and hygienic home!

Whether it's grime or grease from porcelain dishes, pots, pans, tiled walls, stainless steel sinks, glassware, or gas hobs, it's no match for MagicClean™ All-Purpose Cleaner!

You can even use it to wash your shoes, effectively making yellowed shoes look as white as new!

Its powerful formula dissolves stubborn dirt, dust, grease, rust, oxidation, and any unwanted stains while leaving a non-greasy bright finish that is resistant to future stains.


Removes 99% of dirt, grease, and stains with 3 easy steps

Say hello to effortless cleaning! With MagicClean™ All-Purpose Cleaner you can entertain, cook, and enjoy your kitchen without worrying about the aftermath.

Simply mix with water to activate the powder into a powerful foam solution. Apply and soak for a few minutes and watch as the oil and grease stains dissolve.

And the only thing you need to do last is WIPE! Simple, quick, effortless!


Spend your time on things that matter the most

It's time to end spending weekends battling messes and trying to maintain a spotless home!

With MagicClean™ All-Purpose Cleaner no more hours are wasted on cleaning! It cleans, disinfects, and protects!

Enjoy a life where cleaning is a breeze– just easy, efficient, and enjoyable moments in your gleaming kitchen.


Free yourself from the struggles of cleaning!

Get MagicClean™ Powerful Cleaning Powder and discover effortless cleaning and enjoy a well-maintained home that sparkles with vitality.


Cleaning stovetops was hard! I dreaded it! This magic powder saved me! It's so easy to use. I only need to wipe it after soaking it for a few minutes. Done! - Agnes Berg

"I was skeptical about these 'magical products' but this cleaning powder is amazing! I used it for the stubborn hard water stains on my kitchen and now my stove sparkles like never before. It's a small miracle in a powder!"

"I'm a busy mom and cleaning was often last on my list. This product saved me so much time! I can quickly clean my kitchen, giving me more free time to go out on weekends with my family. And it's fun to use!"

"What I love about this cleaning powder is not only does it clean the surfaces but also removes those lingering smells. It's like a breath of fresh air in our home. Now, our kitchen smells clean!"



Is this product safe to use on all kitchen surfaces?
Yes, MagicClean™ is safe for use on a wide range of kitchen surfaces, including walls, floors, and more. It's specially designed to be non-abrasive and won't harm your surfaces.

Will this product help with hard water stains on glass surfaces?
Yes, MagicClean™ is effective in removing hard water stains from glass surfaces, such as windows and glass cookware. It effortlessly dissolves mineral deposits, leaving your glass clear and spotless.

Can I use this product in a kitchen with small children or pets?
Absolutely! MagicClean™ is non-toxic and safe for use in households with children and pets. It leaves no harmful residues, making it perfect for a family-friendly environment.
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