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VitaLungsRx™ Lung Repair Spray

VitaLungsRx™ Lung Repair Spray

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VitaLungsRx™ Lung Repair Spray | Healthy lungs in 7 days!

Relieve breathing problems in 7 days

Expels mucus and phlegm

100% safe and natural 


Easily relieve symptoms of respiratory problems in 7 days

Are you struggling with heavy breathing, headaches, or persistent nasal congestion? This lung detox spray is your ultimate solution.

VitaLungsRx™ Lung Repair Spray is a revolutionary formula designed to cleanse your lungs and airways and lead out old mucus and lung buildup. 

It unclogs your airways and relieves symptoms associated with respiratory problems like asthma, pneumonia, coughs, sinusitis, and others in just 7 days.


Unblocks your respiratory tract for instant relief

Toxic air pollutants can cause asthma, coughing, and wheezing. It decreases lung functions and causes irritation to the nose and throat.

VitaLungsRx™ Spray removes mucus build-up and lung debris and dredges the airways, giving you easy and unobstructed breathing.

It strengthens the immune system through desensitization therapy, reducing allergic reactions that trigger asthma and other respiratory discomfort.


Experts recommended lung relief spray that work

VitaLungsRx™ Spray contains potent ingredients that are clinically tested and proven to be effective in treating many respiratory problems.

It is formulated to support the detoxification of the lungs and treats symptoms of respiratory illnesses in a convenient and easy way. 


It is a natural and effective solution for relieving breathing discomfort and strengthening the lungs without addictive medications and invasive procedures. 


Relieves 97% of respiratory discomfort without harmful medications

VitaLungsRx™ Spray contains 100% natural therapeutic ingredients to relieve 97% of respiratory symptoms:

Mullein extract: A natural expectorant making coughs more productive by bringing out mucus settled in the throat or lungs.

Dendrobium Officinale: Rich in antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties that helps strengthens the lungs and the immune system.

Vasaka Leaf: A popular Indian respiratory remedy that is effective in eliminating excess mucus from the throat and improving bronchodilation.


Restore your lungs and breath easily with just a few sprays!

Get this VitaLungsRx™ Lung Repair Spray and enjoy effective, natural, and instant respiratory relief!



I can't live without this respiratory spray. I bring this with me anywhere I go. It instantly relieves me of nasal congestion and I know it detoxifies my lungs as well - Katherine De Vries

"I'm skeptical about these 'magical products' in the market but this one is different! I recently had a bad case of bronchitis, and this provided instant relief. They soothe and calm my irritated airways, making it easier to breathe. - Sam D

"I have been a smoker for about 15 years and my breathing sometimes becomes difficult and I always cough up some dirty black stuff after using this spray. Thanks to this product I no longer have trouble breathing" - Will J.

"I have COPD and had bronchitis almost three months ago. Since then I was left with an almost non-stop hard cough. I'm glad I found this spray. It worked immediately! Thank you so much." - Tara M



How to use VitaLungsRx™ Lung Repair Spray?

Spray VitaLungsRx™ directly into your mouth, nearest to your throat. Do this twice a day, or as often as needed for immediate relief.

How long does one bottle last?

One bottle of VitaLungsRx™ Spray is equivalent to 30ml that can last for 2-3 weeks depending on usage. 

I suffer from tuberculosis, can this spray treat me?

VitaLungsRx™ is effective in relieving the symptoms of tuberculosis, but it is not the cure. For serious respiratory conditions, it is advised to consult your doctor for appropriate medical attention.

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